Full Ecommerce
Full Ecommerce
(PayPal API)
(Yearly renewal at $1200)
  • Enterprises Package Plus:
  • Full PayPal API Integration
  • Custom Shopping Cart
  • Up to 40 Pages!
  • Photoshop all Images

The KDE Full Ecommerce package is designed for businesses that want to take it to the next level. When you need FULL control from shopping cart experience to complete inventory tracking, the KDE Full Ecommerce package will help you destroy the competition.

All of our plans come with the protection of cloudflare and daily virus scanning. We install and update SSL Certificates for every site and provide fast and easy website content update forms. Plus, you can be assured that your content will be updated within 24 hours of your request.

Custom Website

Includes up to 40 pages for things like home, about, products, services, reviews, custom ad landing page, and many more.


All of our packages come with free hosting
(up to a $100 value)

MailChimp API

With the MailChimp API you can collect emails, names, addresses, birthdays and more from any form on our website. (Requires a free MailChimp account) Sign Up Now!


Full Ecommerce has unlimited email accounts and space with Webmail access from any device.

PayPal API

With fully integrated PayPal API, you can process your customers payment quickly and securely without them ever leaving your site.


Includes 1 domain.

Customer Support

We provide 24/7 email and phone support*

Monthly Updates

We provide 10 hours of content updating and site maintenance per month.


Monthly reporting includes total site visits, top 10 pages, referral urls, geolocation, systems information, acquisition, Facebook Analytics, and a custom reporting metric of your chocie. Plus, get real-time access to your analytical data.


All of our packages come with unlimited bandwidth so there is no data cap on customer traffic.


We will re-size, color correct and sharpen all of your images at no extra cost.

Custom Shopping Cart

Your customer's entire experience will be tailored exactly how you choose from beginning to end.

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